Guild D-40 Repair


Hard Shell Case Option

Hard shell case is not included. I strongly recommend that you find a hard case online and let us purchase and ship the guitar to you in the case. We will offer to purchase any hard case of your choosing. Cost is up to you. We will require payment for the case as part of your payment to PayPal. Guitar measurements: Lower Bout 16", Upper Bout 11 1/2", Body Length 20",Body Depth 5", Total Length 41". Gig bags and foam cases are not acceptable.

Shipping insurance

We do not pay for shipping insurance. In our experience, it is extremely unlikely that you or we will receive any insurance payment if the guitar is damaged during shipping. For this reason, we pack very well and ship via FedEx. They have an excellent no damage record.


The guitar has a two year structural warranty. See warranty statement below. Ever wish you could own a vintage Guild D-40 dreadnought but could not afford it? This is your chance. This appears to be a USA made mid-70’s guitar. Nice playing and sounding players D-40. The back is surprisingly clean, as are the sides all around. The entire guitar has the usual age related wear, but no play wear. There is plenty of evidence of repair work on both sides of the fret board extension. Structural repairs (i.e. under the top) are very complete, comprehensive and of professional quality. Cosmetic considerations were not especially attended to because of the nature of the damage. So, yes it looks pretty bad in places. Action is 4/64 inch at the 12th fret. That is right at 1/16 inch. Set up and sounds good with light gauge strings. Neck and fret board are in excellent condition. We refinished the neck back, and cleanup up the fret board. Intonation is good. This is a players guitar, not a collector’s instrument. It plays nice all the way up the neck.

New Parts

Tuners - New Grover Rotomatic

Frets - All new (Stewmac 0155)

Bridge Pins - New ebony wood

Strap Pin - New ebony wood

Truss Rod Cover - shop made (kinda ugly but it works)

Upper bout cross brace

OEM Parts

One dot marker is replaced.

Rest of guitar is all original. This is not one of our well known rebuilds, but is just a repair.


This guitar had severe upper bout damage. The finger board extension was pushed into the top and the top was cracked through. The original additional neck block glued to the neck block and under the top was removed, top realigned, and a new full width under top cross brace was added. The OEM Guild neck block extension which was glued onto the neck block under the top served no useful purpose anyway, so removal is no big deal. Bridge is original and was never removed, though there are scratches nearby which are probably due to sloppy string changing habits of a previous owner. There are some binding repairs on the top, upper bout. That is the way we received the guitar. These are stable, but not top notch work.

Warranty Statement

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, with the following conditions:

  1. Covers this instrument sold to original purchaser only.
  2. The warranty applies regardless of where the instrument is sold.
  3. Within two years from ship date, if there are any structural problems resulting from our workmanship (for example, action degradation, neck attachment failure, top distortion caused by our workmanship) buyer can return for free repairs. Moonlightluthiers pays FedEx ground shipping to us up to $60 for shipping from buyer and shipping back to buyer. OR
  4. Within two year from ship date, if there are any structural problems resulting from our workmanship buyer can return for full refund. Moonlightluthiers pays shipping up to $60 from buyer to our shop.
  5. We will not pay for USPS shipping.
  6. For other than structural problems (you don't like the sound, too vintage, spouse says no, don't like it, etc.) buyer pays return shipping.
  7. Shipping damage is not covered. The shipper is responsible. Please follow our packing instructions for acoustic guitar shipping without a case.
  8. If this guitar is returned to us, any damage other than that showing on the guitar as shipped to the buyer voids this warranty. Buyer will have to pay return-to-buyer shipping fee to get the guitar back. If repairs are desired, our usual repair fees will apply.
  9. If this guitar is returned to us, any changes to this instrument voids this warranty. Buyer will have to pay return-to-buyer shipping fee to get the guitar back.
  10. If the guitar is returned to us, owner must ship in original shipping container with original packing materials or refund is reduced accordingly.
  11. Cases are not warranted.
  12. Finish quality is not warranted.
Shipping Details