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Mossman Repairs

We now do the Agony of D Feet repair on vintage Mossman guitars. $250.

Our Prices

You may notice that prices are lower on this website than they are on eBay or Reverb. That is because there are no eBay or Reverb fees buying through our site.

What We Do

We are a small shop specializing in vintage Harmony Sovereign guitars. We do all repairs to Harmony guitars. We buy or accept unplayable or wrecked acoustic guitars and make them playable again.

We do not install or repair any electronics. Our arena is that heavenly acoustic ring.

Our Goals

Our rebuild fee: $550 shipping to you included. Sorry folks, we are forced to raise our fee due to increased parts and material costs to us. Next year the fee goes up to $600.

All numbers in paranthesis throughout this website are stewmac.com part or item numbers.

Standard items included with every rebuild:

New factory fresh Gator HSC, add $100 (our cost).

If the top is ruined (un-repairable bridge attachment area, for example) a new top is $90 and up depending on the spruce quality you want.

Note 1 - We can leave the original bridge in place and install a new bone saddle. Fee is reduced $40.

Note 2 - We can install new white ABS binding for additional fee of $35. However, we usually remove and replace the original.

Note 3 - Customer may supply tuners as long as they will fit the Sovereign gear head. The fee is reduced $45 in this case.

Note 4 - If the truss rod is broken or not repairable, we charge $65 for a new top quality dual action rod. (2551)


How Do We Charge Such Low Prices?

How do we charge such crazy low prices for all this work? We do not have a store front. We have free access to an established custom cabinet shop. We pay no rent. We have access to amazing stocks of mahogany, rosewood, maple, and other hardwoods. We have all the tools and equipment a luthier could ever need. And we don’t have to pay for any of it.

Local Pickup

We do local pickup when a customer requests it. This is usually done at a local restaurant or shopping mall in Maryland. We never meet customers at the shop.

FEEDBACK on our work

2016-10 Martin D-1 rebuild

I have officially bonded with and grown attached to the Martin. Most excellent deal, thank you. Over a year later and I need to tell you that I simply love this guitar. All the best to you and yours this holiday season.

2017-09 Harmony H1203 customer rebuild

I was playing it over the weekend, and I must say that the tone of the guitar is wonderful. The sound is very open and clear. The x-bracing conversion certainly makes these old Harmony Sovereigns come alive. Great job on cleaning up the fretboard as well!

Harmony replacement bridge

I just got the bridge today and it arrived in perfect shape. Thank you for sending such a beautiful example. I'll let you know how things go and I'll send you a pic of the finished product.

2017-08 Silvertone Rebuild

I finally got it strung up Friday and was going to write you. You did an outstanding job with the rebuild. The bass is deep and round, the mids are full, with a great top end. It sounds like a grand piano. I can't believe it's the same guitar. Again, excellent work on restoring the guitar. I love it.

Recent feedback on a Larrivee rebuild

Wow! You are a wizard sir! Have to tell you that it brought tears to my eyes just unpacking my Larrivee! The FexEx man was a picker too and he was as excited as I was, he even helped me get it out of the box! I did use the higher saddle; Perfect! The strings respond to the top light and lively. It has that clarity I remember but bolder...perhaps the bracing structure you recommended made that difference? I’m totally in awe with of your work.  Even the color of the top is more me...looks older somehow. Yes, I’m sure the varnish was tough to work with, but I’m not bothered by the imperfection there, I think you were a little hard on yourself.  Your work is impeccable! This guitar was and is the love of my life.  I waited 16 years to have it repaired. I have no doubts that I found the right person to do the work! I KNOW you put a lot of pride and love into this repair.  I can’t thank you enough. I’m gonna be looking for a Sovereign for you to do here soon. Perhaps you have one you are releasing into the world soon? 

Please see our ebay feed back under "MOONLIGHTLUTHIERS."

Feedback on ongoing H1260 custom rebuild

David I am really impressed with you and your work. Not only are your prices unbelievably more then fair but your love for your trade is quite admirable. I have a luthier who lives literally within 2 miles of my house that I have often used. His work is of course impeccable. But he charges at least 3 times what you do and I never received updates like the one you just sent. I really can’t express enough my gratitude for your work. And especially how you major on Harmony Sovereign’s, which I have always loved. I can’t wait to get her back and play her! Thx again.

Typical appreciation letter from a satisfied customer:

Hi David,

I received the guitar safe and sound, packed amazing well by the way. I got it strung up and played it a bunch this weekend and its great. I couldn’t be happier with the tone. This Sovereign is now the guitar she always wanted to be. Neck angle, setup, play-ability are all very good, nicely done. Cosmetically it looks great, hard to tell the back ever came off other than the white binding. The shape of the top looks pretty good to me, bellying and sound hole sink are minimal to non-existent. Crack repairs are also well done.

All in all I’m really pleased and want to thank you for the positive experience. The only regret is that I didn’t communicate soon enough my desire for the string spacing at the bridge to be slightly wider than stock. I’m 99% a finger picker and not a strummer and prefer 2 1/4" or wider spacing and was looking forward to be able to have the spacing set where I like it since a new bridge was being installed but I forgot to ask for this until it was too late. I might suggest offering custom spacing as an option.

Thanks again for everything, would you like referrals or Moonlight Luthiers name mentioned on guitar forums? I wouldn’t mind bragging about my new/old Sovereign online.

Another Letter (non-eBay)

Thanks so much for your work on this guitar. You completely exceeded my expectations. I will be playing this during my next Broadway performance. I am utterly amazed that you can do this level of work for such a reasonable fee. Excellent all around workmanship.


Harmony H1203 (1950s) Rebuild

Thanks for the great work on the Sovereign. It plays and sounds wonderful - hard to put it down. I appreciate the end pins and all the other goodies. All the finish work is great, the back binding is fine - a tad conspicuous but no biggie. I’m very happy with it - thanks!

Martin B-40 Base

AAA+++ Ebayer guitar very nice well packed and quickly shipped Very satisfied.

Taylor PS-10 Brazilian Rosewood

great guitar...fast shipping...would buy again from seller

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

Better than I could have expected! Unbelievable value, amazing craftsmanship!

Martin D-1

A sweet sounding rebuilt. Nicely done. Very satisfied.

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

Great sellers Highest possible recommendation. Good communicator Excellent++(#271922008337)

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

Great job reconstructing this guitar. Sounds superb!

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

This is a lot of guitar. Plays nice. Loud. Made in USA. Vintage. Beats most.

Harmony H1270 Rebuild

Fair and Friendly, Easily $1500 of luthier rebuild + a Harmony 12, RU kidding?

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

As Advertised. Redone and Packed with care. Goodfellas.

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

Great rebuild job. Plays better than back in the day. Classic cannon.

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

Fine guitar! Great, happy!

Harmony H1270 Rebuild

Guitar packed and shipped very nicely. Great seller AAA+++

Harmony H1260 Rebuild

REPEAT CUSTOMER. Highly recommended!!! Rebuilt Harmony guitars are AMAZING!!