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Harmony H1201 -- Conversion #76 - X-braced

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Feedback On Customer Guitar Repairs and Rebuilds

H160 Customer Rebuild (2017)

I got my first used Harmony Sovereign in the 1960s and have never lost my affection for these guitars. I still have three of them. One in particular , a mid-1960s Silvertone burst, was in particularly nasty condition. It had a broken neck and a number of poorly done amateur repairs including an earlier neck break. Looked like a glue pot had exploded inside. Anyway I repaired the break so I could string it up. Although the guitar was barely playable, it had something special going on. As the neck was still rough and I did not trust the earlier repair I went looking for another Sovereign neck to have slapped on. I ended up having a whole lot more done. I went with Moonlight Luthiers. Initially it was because they had a good Sovereign neck. But I decided to go ahead and have the entire conversion done which amounted to not only putting the replacement neck on (which they rebound and re-fretted) but replacing the heavy ladder bracing with a slim taper forward shifted X brace, the pinless bridge with a pin bridge, and the spruce bridge plate with a maple one. I admit I was a bit edgy mainly because their price is crazy low for the amount of work they proposed doing. Moonlight had the guitar for about two months and it has now been back with me for a few weeks. To say that I am happy with their work would be an understatement Everything they did was top notch. They also went above and beyond, not only repairing the cracks but cleaning all the gunk out of the inside and then shooting a thin coat of blush remover to help stabilize the burst which had begun to flake off. As to sound. This was a big leap of faith for me because I love the way the Sovereigns sound as they rolled out of the factory in Chicago. While I suck at describing sound, as best as I can put it they freed up the guitar's resonance. Just a light brush of the strings brings the guitar to life. Wonderful harmonics, a crisp upper end and a low end that would make a bluegrass player (which I am not) grin with delight.

H1203 rebuild (2017)

Just got the guitar strung! This thing plays so easy and what awesome sound. Shipping was top notch with no problems! Thanks again, I know Iíll truly enjoy this guitar.

1944 H1203 Rebuild (2017)

Just wanted to let you know how much enjoyment I’m getting out of the ’44 Sovereign, David. It’s such a great player and just sounds fantastic. You guys really did a crazy good job.

More Feedback

It’s a beautiful guitar! Rich in tone and plays great! Did a session Sat with her. I'm very happy! Thank you for your wonderful work skills!